And it’s goodnight from him

Five years ago, in April 2016, I closed the Hamilton North blog. I moved to Lightning Ridge, but Jambo – my trusty drain companion and the real star of my book – stayed in Newcastle. Eventually he moved to Canberra where, sadly, he died, almost five years to the day, in April 2021. Even though I no longer post here I’ve had many messages via the blog asking about him. He was a lovely dog, totally special, and he’s very sadly missed. I think that he lives on, in the pages of A Year Down the Drain and in the Hamilton North blog. Yaluu, maadhaay gaba.
[ORIGINAL POST APRIL 2016] Last post for a while, as I’m off to Lightning Ridge. There’ll be a new blog, and I’ll put a redirect in when it starts. Till then, goodbye from me. And goodbye from him. IMG_3503 But, if you’re desperate, you can find my new blog here.