Friday foto


Hello froggy!


Friday foto


The truth about dogs and cats? Busted.

Jambo will do anything to chase a cat and yet this puss is different. It’s taken up residence just off Boreas Road. I found some kids a few weeks ago making a shelter for it out of a packing case, and other people are leaving out bowls of food.


Most cats bolt when they see Jambo but this one marched out, bold as brass, and rolled around for a play. Now it’s a regular feature of our morning walk. Weird.

Friday foto


I can’t look at a Space Hopper without thinking of Aquilino Cosani, designer of the Pon-Pon.

Well, OK, so I’d never heard of him either. I just Googled “who designed the freaky face on space hoppers” and found this article. Now Cosani is my hero. Imagine not patenting a toy that sent the whole world bonkers simply because “the market was big enough for all of us”.

Those crazy Italians! I love ’em!


Friday foto


Here’s to 2015. What will it bring? What will we be saying about it in 365 days’ time?


Friday foto


I think Dorothy has overdone it on the egg nog.


Friday foto


The north arm of Styx Creek. Ha ha.


Friday foto


Yep, I think our state could do with some right now.


Friday foto


You know that feeling, when you think you know something then find out that—after all—you don’t?

Wabi-sabi had been explained to me as a Japanese aesthetic that valued the natural decay of things, and I’d always applied to John’s shed, which is quietly sinking back into the Earth, from whence it came. It gave me a warm feeling.


Then, foolishly, I looked up wabi-sabi on Wikipedia:

It is a concept derived from the Buddhist teaching of the three marks of existence (三法印 sanbōin), specifically impermanence (無常 mujō), the other two being suffering ( ku) and emptiness or absence of self-nature ( ).

Impermanence? Yeah! Suffering? Um … Emptiness and absence of self-nature?

Why do you spoil everything, Internet?

Friday foto


Happy Frogday!


Friday foto


Ruth  Cotton’s Hidden Hamilton blog continues to be a source of the wondrous and the arcane. Ruth has a knack of unearthing brilliant old pictures of the area’s past, and recently Ruth forwarded this beauty taken on Broadmeadow Road by the redoubtable Noel Reed. Says Ruth:

This shows a maintenance ganger by the name of Stoddart attending to the points where the Waratah tram line became a single track at Broadmeadow and Boreas Roads, Hamilton North. It was 10 June 1950, the last day of the tramways – they had 12 more hours of life. Noel Reed took the photo and wonders if there are any Stoddarts still in Newcastle? Are any of the shops recognisable?


I wonder if this photo was taken on the same day as the photo of the tram featured in a previous Friday Foto?