Bonkers on Bowser

Boreas Road used to be a bit of a rat run for people trying to avoid the traffic lights along Griffiths Road. These days people coming out of town still cut down Chatham and Boreas but then they tend to go down Newcastle Street and onto Clyde Street. Which is a shame, because all these good folk miss out on the soldier-settler blocks at the western end of Hamilton North.

One of these quiet little streets is Bowser Street, but I’m going to let you into a secret. They are Christmas bonkers on Bowser! At least, some people are!


OK, two houses are!


Still, it’s very impressive, and all the more so for being completely unexpected. They’re obviously just doing it for the love of Yuletide because there were no long trains of rubber-necking car drivers carrying wide-eyed kids in pyjamas. Just me, The Wife and Jambo.

Not everyone’s quite this enthusiastic about the festive season. I did feel a wave of sympathy towards the residents of number 5, across the road, who – after running a length of modest lights across their porch – looked over the road and thought “Why bother?”


Personally, I like their use of negative space: it’s what you see where there aren’t lights that says more about … um … baby Jesus and stuff.

6 Responses to Bonkers on Bowser

  1. I miss the Rat Run days… 😦

  2. Steve McGrath says:

    Hi Mark,
    Do any of your readers remember the wonderful era of the David Street Christmas lights in Georgetown ? This used to create quite a traffic jam during those summer evenings way back.


  3. I surely do Steve. Going down there with the family in my pyjamas.

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