One of the great things about blogging is the feedback I get and the contact that occurs with people who are interested in the same things that I’m interested in. It’s almost as though the blogosphere is some kind of social medium. It’s … hmm, wait a minute …

Got an email from A who, with J, is a member of that tribe of Novocastrians who love to troll down the drains, poke their noses into derelict building sites, seek out gaps in fences, seek out the interesting amongst the banal and drab. This is J, taken last Easter down the Styx, the same time that I was writing the book.

I’ve also had a series of emails with J-Life, following up on the Ted! The Universe Loves You graffito that I came across in the old lampworks. At the time I imagined Ted as some miserable old git who worked in one of the businesses that operate out of (what is now called) the Hamilton North Business Centre. Not so:

Ted took a fall off a wharf while fishing last year. He suffered severe cranial injuries and was in an induced coma for sometime. At one stage the doctors believed he would suffer from “Locked-In Syndrome” and suggested turning off life support at one stage.
Ted pulled through and is now back at school with his mates.
The graff was done by myself and some friends that live in the area and are close to Ted and his Mum. The secret location of the message (and others like it) was so people such as yourself would come across it while exploring and hopefully wish him the best. The  kind of people that take the time to thoroughly investigate their surroundings are the kind of people you want sending out good messages.

Go Ted!

On Tuesday I set off down the drain with M and Trigger, and of course Jambo. We’d left our run a bit late and got pretty wet when a squall pushed inland, but the dogs still had a grand old time discovering stuff together.

On Friday I’m due to go on a retrieval expedition, the aim being to recover the high chair that I featured a couple of posts ago. N has decided he’d like to take it on as a restoration project, which is so much better than seeing rot in the gasworks.

Contact: it’s good.

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Vicki says:

    That is a wonderful story about Ted, a great use of graffiti to give hope to a much loved local boy.

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Isn’t it? And here was me thinking that Ted was some curmudgeonly old bugger with a face like the proverbial smacked bum. How wrong!

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