Ted! The universe loves you

The old ELMA site’s a funny place, the back area towards the rail line is a world all of its own. Once a thriving light globe factory it’s now a mixture of light (boom boom) industry and the home of organisations such as Lifeline and Samaritans.

The Electric Lamp Cafe’s opened near the old gatehouse to cater for the Gaulois-smoking intellectuals of Styx Creek’s rive gauche who like to gather there to discuss Situationism, Lyotard’s metanarratives and the hyper-reality of the new season stone fruit at Georgetown Fruit Barn.

Somewhere in all that jungle works Ted. Perhaps he works at Mirror Ceramics or at Richmond Grove or Weddings & Event Hire. I don’t know where he works, what he does, or why he might have been unhappy. But, Ted, there are people love you. Chin up, old sausage.


5 Responses to Ted! The universe loves you

  1. J- says:

    Hi Mark,

    Ted is a young boy who had a serious cranial injury last year. He and his mother are dear friends of the people that did the graffiti in the photo.

    Good news is that Ted is ok. It turns out that the universe really does love him and he survived something that many don’t.



  2. […] also had a series of emails with J-Life, following up on the Ted! The Universe Loves You graffito that I came across in the old lampworks. At the time I imagined Ted as some miserable old […]

  3. Charlie says:

    Pity there’s nothing about the history of these light globe factories online. Most of them only went out of business in the early 2000s when enviro bulbs came in

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Agree, Charlie. I remember the factory being open and the hum of the works as I cycled down Clyde Street. I think that like a lot of our most recent heritage, our industrial heritage is often neglected and overlooked.

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