Food and drink

If you’re looking to invest in moderately polluted, awkwardly positioned, badly zoned, former light-industrial land then Hamilton North has plenty to offer at the moment. There’s a huge block next to the fuel depot on Chatham Road that’s up for auction, then there’s the Tender Centre site up for grabs and also for sale is the former Buttercup Bakery (The Family Favourite!) on Clyde Street.

Back in 2002 there was an issue with contamination in the groundwater around the light globe factory up the road, though this was deemed to be localised and not enough to affect residents’ bore water supplies. It was one of those stories that just fizzled out rather than being properly resolved. Does anyone remember any serious outcomes?

The bakery isn’t that old as buildings go; according to the plaque in the doorway it was opened in 1954.

I assume that if the Co-op was involved then it was a Co-operative bakery before being bought out by Buttercup, or Goodman Felder. Or did Goodman Felder buy Buttercup? Who knows, in this globalised world.

All this talk of bread made me thirsty. It made someone else thirsty too, as testified this discarded bottle. I’ve fancied a drink on many occasions in my life but I’ve never felt so desperate that I’d drink a bottle of Franklins own-brand mouthwash. No Frills = cheap thrills.

2 Responses to Food and drink

  1. Christine Bruderlin says:

    Rodd and Hay architects who designed the bread cooperative are still in business. Frank Rodd also designed at least one posh house in Bar Beach at 10-12 Parkway Avenue in 1948.

  2. Mark MacLean says:

    Did you know that or did you look it up? Either way, impressive.

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