As I write this it’s all a bit grey and murky out the window but the other morning it was splendid, good-to-be-alive weather.

I don’t know whether anyone reads the comments that people submit to my posts, but a recent comment from Roberto directed me to this fantastic, inspiring article – Let’s swim to work – in the online magazine The article’s full of links to cities where communities have not just reversed the decline in their urban waterways but have gone on to create vibrant living rivers that, in some cases, have revitalised regional economies.

God knows the Styx needs some reversal. Perhaps the warm weather’s to blame but there’s been a noticeable rise in goo seepage over the last couple of weeks. Perhaps the solidified gunk in the earth becomes a little less viscous and so can start to ooze through the gaps in the concrete banking.

The beck was rainbow-stained with fuel from the depot and reeked of petrol.

The recent rains have washed the finer particles from behind the concrete bankings, leaving huge hollows behind them in some places. The silt gathers on the creek bed in a slippery mud that’s probably full of stuff I don’t want to know about.

The birds carry on doing their birdy things. I came across this pied cormorant fast asleep on the banking by the TAFE, head safely tucked under his wing. He must have been cream-crackered after a hard day’s fishing because he completely failed to notice me creeping up to him.

It was only when Jambo sniffed him that he woke up, leapt back in complete shock and face-planted his way down the banking and into the creek before paddling away, trying to regain a little dignity.

I was cacking myself. Even Jambo smiled, in that doggie way where they show their bottom teeth and make Mutley “he he he” sounds.

Anyway, I’m inspired, but not quite sure in what way or towards what end. But it involves the creek and the gasworks and … I, oh don’t know. Grand ideas. A free book to the person who comes up with the best idea and an action plan!