Friday foto


You can lose a lot of time in the University of Newcastle’s Cultural Collections if you’re not careful.

This photo is captioned “Travelling crane, Oil works, Newtown, Hamilton North, NSW, 2 September 1911”


There is some further information in the Notes:

Image shows the travelling crane at the oil works in Hamilton North. Image was indexed as Newtown (Hamilton North). The works (under construction in the image) was owned by the British Australian Oil Company (Additional information courtesy of Mr John W. Shoebridge, June 2009).

Was the oil works at the site of the Shell depot? Or the gasworks? I’m tempted to think the latter; the rail lines would need to cross the Styx to get to the fuel depot and there has never, to my knowledge, been such a bridge or crossing.

So was the gasworks an oil works before it was a gasworks?

So many questions!