Trolley season


There’s still plenty of hot weather ahead of us, even though the days are getting shorter and we’re in the last official month of summer. I’m pulling burrs and seed heads and farmer’s friends out of Jambo’s coat every time we take a stroll off the beaten path; poor thing, he’s so low to the ground that he’s a magnet for anything that needs distributing about the countryside.

The other late summer crop that I’m seeing a lot of is the shopping trolley.


I haven’t figured out how it works but I can go for weeks on end without seeing any, but as soon as one appears it’s like word’s gotten out and then there’s two …


… and three …


… and … well, I could go on.


It could be that they’ve come down in the numerous flows we’ve had since late January. That might explain the beaten-up state they’re in.


But, like Christmas baubles, they do like to gather in herds.



Perhaps they sense the onset of autumn and they’re about to begin the Great Northward Trolley Migration.

Watch out: you have been warned!