Stocktake clearance


Everything must go! Well, not quite. Mostly ¬†I write, using photos to illustrate what I’m thinking about. But blogging has changed that process a bit and I often have photos that I’ve taken on my phone that end up influencing what I write about. It’s not always an immediate process and I often have pictures that sit around on my desktop for a while before they inspire a post. It can be the case that a theme emerges over time: I take a picture of a certain type of graffiti and over a few weeks I see it again and again; a type of litter starts to appear, or disappear; a view emerges, or a change in a view takes place.

But some photos just sit there, in the folder on my desktop called “Holding pen”. Well, it’s time to clear it out.

To start off, here’s a little fish being eaten by ants. Probably dropped by a heron. I often find dead fish or dead creatures but, after finding this little fishy, I didn’t find anything for ages. So there it sat, on its own, in the holding pen. Out it goes!


This was almost emerging into a post about fag packets of the past, and being able to buy Woodbines and No. 6 and Silk Cut individually at the shop near my high school, but the it just didn’t happen. This happens quite often now I think about it.


Frangipani blossoms brown and decay so quickly that I was surprised to find this one in almost perfect condition a long way away from the nearest frangipani tree.


This green plastic tube with Europcar written on it appeared one morning. And then another half dozen  straight after. From whence? And for what purpose do they exist? I do not know.


This building at the TAFE has “Block O” on the front, which kind of begs a post of some kind. And yet …


I would never have believed that Rock Star energy (+ guava) was available in a can. I’ve looked in shops and never seen Rock Star energy (+ guava). Am I looking in the wrong shops? Or am I simply not made of rock star material?


This one was going to be called “Seven girls”.


I was coming home from a friend’s 50th birthday. I was wearing a tuxedo, it was 3.10 am, I took a short cut down the creek and I came across this wheelchair underneath the Griffiths Road bridge. Where to begin? It was so rich in possibilities that I think I froze.


It was still there the next morning, when I went to check. But then, not long after the farmers’ market, it disappeared. Was it a farmer’s wheelchair? Did a farmer take it? Sell it?


Ah, dead pigeon squabs. So many. Nature is so fecund.


There’s a big new gas tank in the ELGAS site. You can see it here, peeping over the fence. Now, maybe it’s just me but I couldn’t help but think of …


Keith Flint of the Prodigy!