The Masked Avenger Rides Amongst Us


I’m a bit of Cautious Colin when it comes to the creek. The idea of being swept away and my bloated corpse bobbing up among the mangroves at the Carrington board walk is most unappealing. So I tend to avoid the drain even when it’s just spitting, let alone belting down.


Having said that, I do have a fascination for those entrance ways that appear every so often in the creek bank – they’re like wormholes into other universes, brimful of possibility.


If the weather’s been dry and the water level’s down I’ll poke my nose in, if only to see how the swallows are going with their latest brood.


So I was startled the other day to see this cove cycling down the drain. I did a double take: has he really got a stocking pulled over his face? He has! And is heading towards Izzo? Not at all! When I least expected it he took a sharp right and pedalled straight into the tunnel never to be seen ever again!!!!


Who is this man? Is he the Drain Ranger? Is he righting watery wrongs across the Cottage Creek catchment? Or … gasp … is he a Bad Man? I may never know.

Unless, of course, I head into the tunnel myself …