Not again!


Under no circumstances be tempted to stand next to this street sign: it’s the most knocked-over in Newcastle.

Sublime mornings and a waxing moon have brought high tides and millpond conditions to the creek.

The litter’s building up again, but the recently repaired boom by the TAFE is doing its job.

All it needs now is for the men in waders and armed with nets to actually pull the stuff out.

I’ve started noticing more and more Asian food containers appearing. What’s going on? Is there a new Asian supermarket upstream, or is this stuff that’s come off the boats and has bobbed all the way up to here from the coast?

I arrived at the Chaucer Street Drain junction just as the tide was coming in this morning, a powerful, steady surge.

Half a dozen cormorants were dipping and diving in the deeper water, with a heron and a couple of egrets stalking behind them. A new duck and her single duckling has recently arrived in the tidal pool. Jambo went to wish them a formal welcome to country.

The other duck still hangs around the Chatham Road bridge. I’m bewildered by this fellow. He either (a) is some kind of ninja duck who is so powerful he can afford to let me get so close I can almost touch him, (b) has been hit very hard with the stupid stick or (c) has some kind of death wish. Whatever, he’s also the happiest duck I’ve ever seen. I think he actually smiles.

There’s new graffiti in the gasworks. I don’t know much about art, but I do know that I’d rather look at this stuff than 90% of the mind-numbingly juvenile tagging that graces most of the area.

Oh, and this. Perhaps the most redundant labelling I’ve seen since “Caution: contains hot liquid” on the lids of McDonalds coffee cups.

Is that in case the kids think it’s some kind of lolly and try to eat it?