New map old map


Lachlan sent me this 1960 map of Newcastle, with a detail showing the area that would become Griffiths Road, where it goes past the show grounds and over the bridge and on into Hamilton. The original is held at the UoN Cultural Collections, here.

Northumberland Map

I wondered, as I looked at this gorgeous old map, whether the generation of “Google maps on the iPhone” users would be deprived of a love of maps. I’ve always loved atlases and maps, even though I’m completely rubbish at using them. (I’m known in our house as Captain Compass, my sense of direction is so bad.) Or perhaps one day people will look back at a screen shot of Google Maps with the same fondness and nostalgia that I feel when I look at the one above.

I thought about trying to do a sound map for Hamilton North after I received this link from filmmaker friendĀ Robert, who put me onto this amazing sound map of London’s waterways.


Clyde Street lights would have the bells clanging and a coal train rumbling past, the ELGAS depot would have had the sound of the gas sheds with KO FM blasting out, the Chaucer Street drain would have had fuscous honeyeaters squabbling in the lantana with the 12.20 Broadmeadow to Sydney train squealing past, Baird Street’s background noise would be the siren from the fuel depot.

Might be a project for 2015. All I’ve got to do is do it.