Ted! The universe loves you


The old ELMA site’s a funny place, the back area towards the rail line is a world all of its own. Once a thriving light globe factory it’s now a mixture of light (boom boom) industry and the home of organisations such as Lifeline and Samaritans.

The Electric Lamp Cafe’s opened near the old gatehouse to cater for the Gaulois-smoking intellectuals of Styx Creek’s rive gauche who like to gather there to discuss Situationism, Lyotard’s metanarratives and the hyper-reality of the new season stone fruit at Georgetown Fruit Barn.

Somewhere in all that jungle works Ted. Perhaps he works at Mirror Ceramics or at Richmond Grove or Weddings & Event Hire. I don’t know where he works, what he does, or why he might have been unhappy. But, Ted, there are people love you. Chin up, old sausage.