It’s all that people have talked about this summer, or at least during the months when this summer would normally have taken place.

It brings things down the creek.

Then washes them away.

Some kids dragged this bike out of the beck, intent on salvaging it. It’ll be gone now, before they even got home from school and down there to haul it out.

This morning there was a mother duck and four ducklings in the beck. I don’t think I’m being to speculative too believe that they’re the same ones that I saw in Lambton Ker-rai Creek on Tuesday.

It made me think though about the ducky life cycle. I regularly see clutches in the canal but they’re always aged from a few weeks to a couple of months: from fluffy to fledged. I’m going to make an assumption here: that they nest in the upper reaches, towards Blackbutt, then move downstream towards the estuary via the smaller channels as they get older.

The Styx at Hamilton North isn’t a particularly good place to raise young as the concrete sides are too high and steep for ducklings to escape into the undergrowth. As I found this morning when we came across these ducklings and Jambo showed off his duckling fettling skills, until I got him back in the lead. Well pleased with himself, he was.