Artist’s impression


Of all the things that intrigued me about the Herald‘s coverage of the NSW Government’s decision to cut the city rail link, the most interesting was the slideshow of artist’s impressions of a post-rail CBD. Perhaps it was the amateurish standard of the work, or the lack of imagination (so this is what we’re supposed to get excited about?), but I was left feeling puzzled and bemused rather than inspired. However, one ‘before and after’ that did catch my eye was their vision for Cottage Creek.

Chicks and Chucks, I give you ‘before’. Booo!


And I give you ‘after’. Hooray!


The differences appear to be that ‘after’ has (a) people, (b) a board walk and (c) a narrower channel.

I don’t want to get all snarky, it is after all a bit of pop promo, but I am intrigued as to why they chose to illustrated an enhanced Cottage Creek as part of the benefits of cutting the rail link. There’s nothing in the ‘after’ pic that couldn’t be done right now, if getting people to walk down the drains is part of the city’s ‘transport revolution’.

Ooh! Is that it, Barry? Jeff? Is that what you really want? Oh, tell me it’s so!