f8 and be there

That’s the quote attributed to Arthur WeeGee Fellig and, though most snappers these days wouldn’t know an f-stop from a developing tray, the last two words still apply. It was certainly the case this afternoon when Lachlan was making the cycle ride home along bumpy Clyde Street and got the pleasant surprise of a little bit of SteamFest.

steam train clyde street

For the real steam heads there’s a snippet of video too, here.

Of course, if Lachlan’s dream of a more picturesque cycleway was ever realised he’d miss out on things like this, which just goes to show. Huh?

2 Responses to f8 and be there

  1. Lachlan Wetherall says:

    My hastily mocked up cycleway route didn’t show it clearly, but my dream is that the cycle path would go _under_ the rail bridge. I’d like to have both dream _and_ steam please.

  2. Mark MacLean says:

    Come the revolution, comrade, all your wishes shall be granted.

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