Why cap everyone?

I’ve written recently about the tiny war happening down the drain between the various paint artists. There are literally miles and miles of concrete on which to paint and yet everyone tends to congregate in the same places, particularly under bridges. The result is the phenomenon known in this subterranean world as “capping”: painting over someone else’s spray or roll-up.

The gigantic POAS and CUBE roll-ups are now almost completely invisible, though some scholar of the art has acknowledged this loss.


I came across a group at work on the weekend. They were, of course, not keen on having their photos taken. (I took this afterwards, after we’d talked.)


I also took a few close-ups, and we had a wee chat about things in general.




When I came past this evening I noticed the finished work, and the plea by SEKEM.


I can’t help but agree: why cap? It always seems to be the worst painters who do the capping. Is it simply the territorial nature of an art from borne of tagging and transgression? Or juvenile high jinks? It’s beyond me.

6 Responses to Why cap everyone?

  1. Capo:DC says:

    That’s not a plea by SEKEM it’s a capping by SEPS . DC lads painted with SEKEM that day.
    Check ya facts.

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Ah, righto! I can only check my facts when I know what the facts are, so keep on keeping me up to date.


      PS: Who’s doing the good stuff and who’s capping at the moment? It’s hard to keep up. PM me if you like.

  2. bustr says:

    Too many little meth head teenagers with no respect keep capping.. And Graff with tend to be in one spot, because that’s where it’ll be seen.
    capo, this is just some fella who walks the drains, he doesn’t know haha

  3. So the gloves are so they don’t get paint on their hands, or fingerprints on the cans that they throw away afterwards?

    • Mark MacLean says:

      I’m guessing it’s so they don’t get paint on their hands so that, if they’re stopped or picked up, they don’t have telltale spray marks. I doubt the police have got the time or inclination to fingerprint cans.

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