Aspire and Prismo

Is it one person, or two, or more? They (I’ll call them “they”, for convenience) started modestly, a rather shy tag in the drain.


Then they got bolder.


Then they brought ladders!


I kind of like their stuff, it’s different to everything else that’s around. And that name, “Aspire”: so positive! (Don’t I sound like a patronising old fart?)


Go you young things!

5 Responses to Aspire and Prismo

  1. rebec says:

    I saw where an aspiring young graffitist had written “bum” very neatly on one arm of the railway crossing gates.
    Ah, the value of education!

  2. mequila says:

    hi Mark – would love to know location of the pics above, looking for spots for an upcoming photoshoot and this would be perfect – thanks

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Hi mequila, they’re on the underside of the Chatham Road bridge, the one by the entrance to the gasworks and the old fuel depot. Does that help? Cheers, M

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