Beef with mustard

Graffiti is a given in every urban environment. From Dunedin to Reykjavik you’ll see walls daubed with tags and roll-ups. Some of them are witty and clever, some are thoughtlessly annoying, some have come to be considered as artworks.


All street artists start somewhere, but most often it’s in the drains, on the under sides of bridges, inside warehouses, on derelict buildings. As with any form of creativity the early pieces are pretty rubbish. I’ve watched some guys’ paintings improve dramatically, from basic tags to accomplished large-scale pieces.


But the world of street art is relentlessly competitive, and no matter how great your piece or your reputation you will, one day, get trashed.


The gigantic roll-ups made by CUBE and POAS are invisible now beneath layers and layers of ugly tags.


There’s been a beef on down the drain over recent weeks. The Christmas paint job that SEPS put up was sprayed out, then covered with something nowhere near as well executed.


Someone who calls themselves DC has appeared on the scene. He or she has an ego that’s in inverse proportion to his/her ability. It’s all big stuff, shoddily done. [Note: see comments below from DC. Basically telling me to shut the fuck up. To all street artists: I don’t claim to know anything about you guys or what you do. I only write about what I see. As with anyone who isn’t on the scene I get it wrong. Just let me know; I’m fine with being corrected.]


DC’s arrival coincided with lots of “Yah boo! You’re rubbish and we’re brilliant!” notices on the bankings.


It’s all rather depressing, but I suppose that it’s the nature of the beast. I remember back in 2012 acknowledging the 50th anniversary of graffiti put under the Chatham Road bridge in October 1962 by PP and Bert the Flirt. And yet, when I went past there with Jambo, I was shocked to see that some scroat (as they used to say in The Bill) had defaced PP’s 50-year-old graffito! I mean, show some respect!

Why on earth was I so bothered by that? I’m such a stodgy traditionalist. I need to take a leaf out of the kids’ book.


2 Responses to Beef with mustard

  1. Capo says:

    DC aka Damage Control is perhaps one of if not the longest running crew in Newcastle. 25+ yrs and includes syd Qld adl and mlbs. Some of Australia’s most respected writers kicked off their careers, that you think it is one person reveals your ignorance. The 120ft long and 17ft high blockbuster on wastage tracks alone should tell u this. You have seen a DC member paint with sekem many times. We survive as a crew because we are loyal and we don’t let our members join other crews. If you haven’t seen any of the over 500 peices and characters on just the hunter line alone then you truly should stop writing about what you don’t know. I’m a 25ur member capo, and am willing to beat some respect into your narrow mind. For an observer your views and opinions are irrelevant civilian shit. The chrome crewie DC you derided was received extremely well by actual writers who know that repetition of style is just that, go on about seps, seps just caps people. We are an established and versatile crew with many members each with their own style. That you have been drawing your opinions and making supposition s about graffiti from within your miniscule frame of reference astounds me. I’ll shoot some flicks to you and we’ll see how loud u are then. We are affiliated as in tight friends with the true kings on the scene and I’ve said this before, Our local dozen members would love to school u. Get out of the drain and walk the lines and see what’s what. We didn’t survive 25yrs being toy and uve unwittingly praised our writers before. I’m capo – a DC shot caller. You sound like your on seps dick and frankly our body of work covers from newy to scone, to syd n mlb, qld and adl. Do ur homework before I do mine on yours.u say u know sekem, I believe he will back every word here.

    • Capo says:

      Also I’m very close mate with Poas and know cube , Poas would laugh in your face for the base uninformed drivel you expound. If you don’t actually know then don’t go online making out u do. Keyboard warriors do that, and DC have proven we bring the issue to your door. Grow up and fuck off or mean some respect and and how to research. You drop other names with family members in DC , but you have no fucking clue. Pull up or you’ll become my life’s work.

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