Yeah! Yeah! Naaaaaaaaaa

I had a part-time job at the uni for a little while some years ago. It was a very instructive experience as I learnt a lot about how Big Organisations work. Or don’t.

I had a project that I needed to make happen but it depended upon lots of other people in different departments allowing me to carry out small but necessary tasks. Each person I discussed the project with was immensely helpful, understood what I was trying to do and promised to do their utmost to make it happen. And yet, on every single occasion, nothing did happen. Each time it turned out that they were just waiting for the new Blah to roll out or the integration of Blob and Blab or waiting for the approval of Grand Pooh Bah, who was on indefinite stress leave.

After a while I realised that each of these people was deeply sincere in their belief that they were helping me, and yet no one was actually helping me. A friend who came from an English university likened them to the crows that hang around the campus, with their endless calls of “Yeah! Yeah! Naaaaaaaaaa”.

I was recently invited on tour of the gasworks site by a rep of Jemena. I took photos and the rep and I chatted and it was, I thought, a really productive moment. All that was needed before I could post any blog comments was for PR to approve the photos I took.


Still waiting, Jemena.

5 Responses to Yeah! Yeah! Naaaaaaaaaa

  1. Lachlan Wetherall says:

    Here’s an idea … (*)

    1. Publish a photo.
    2. Wait.
    3. IF threatening legal letter arrives THEN remove last photo and go to step 1.
    4. IF all photo’s published THEN job done! Have a beer!
    5. Go to step 1.

    There probably needs to be another step in there about ‘discovering’ that a 12 year old Russian hacker has pwned your WordPress account and is publishing unauthorised posts, but I’m sure you can figure out if and when that step is needed.

    (*) Disclaimer. I am not a lawyer. You may want to seek independent legal advice.

    • Mark MacLean says:

      I do believe I can hear those naughty Russian schoolchildren hacking and coughing all over my account even as we speak …!

  2. Good Morning Mark,

    I have been reading all of your blog posts regarding the Clyde Street Gas works and am very interested in the site. I am in my final year of my masters of architecture at the university of Newcastle and was hoping to maybe have a chat or something about the site which you have a very keen interest in also.

    In our final year of architecture school we have the freedom to choose our own project, which includes selecting a site from anywhere in the world. I feel like this site is suitable for my project and would really enjoy having a chat with you about the site and finding out any information you may know.

    Brendon Farrar

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Hi Brendon

      Congratulations on choosing the gasworks: a worthy but neglected site!

      Happy to catch up for a yarn. Only complication is that I’m going to be away for a few days next week. What’s your schedule for this? If it’s weeks rather than days then we should be ok.


      • The project runs for the full year, however we have a presentation on our chosen site next week. are you able to catch up over the weekend at all? Do you have access to my email through this service? If so I would be happy to arrange this and give you more detail via email.


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