Friday foto

Ruth  Cotton’s Hidden Hamilton blog continues to be a source of the wondrous and the arcane. Ruth has a knack of unearthing brilliant old pictures of the area’s past, and recently Ruth forwarded this beauty taken on Broadmeadow Road by the redoubtable Noel Reed. Says Ruth:

This shows a maintenance ganger by the name of Stoddart attending to the points where the Waratah tram line became a single track at Broadmeadow and Boreas Roads, Hamilton North. It was 10 June 1950, the last day of the tramways – they had 12 more hours of life. Noel Reed took the photo and wonders if there are any Stoddarts still in Newcastle? Are any of the shops recognisable?


I wonder if this photo was taken on the same day as the photo of the tram featured in a previous Friday Foto?


2 Responses to Friday foto

  1. Marie-Anne says:

    Hi Mark.

    There are still quite a few Stoddarts in the area. I’ve known a few over the years. Most recently, there’s Daniel Stoddart, the drama tutor who sang the romantic hero role in “Phantom” last year, and Chelsea Stoddart, a nurse at our practice (who’s leaving soon). I gather they’re first cousins.

    Cheers, Marie-Anne

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Hi Marie-Anne

      Ah, the many tentacles of Novocastrian connectedness! Could you mention to Chelsea about the pic? I think Ruth wanted to do a follow-up story for Noel, who I understand is now pretty old and infirm.

      Thanks for the information.

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