I don’t like Aboriginal art

It’s a lament I’ve heard often over the years. In the popular imagination Aboriginal art, as a broad generic descriptor, is either Top End X-ray style or Centralian dot-dot stuff. Usually the inland work is imagined as circles with dots around them, executed in a palette of browns. Sadly, this pretty accurately describes a lot of the stuff being hawked on the lawns outside Flynn Church in Todd Mall, or sold in bulk by attractive-looking outlets such as this:


Peeps: it need not be so. I’ve just returned from the Araluen Arts Centre where I saw two exhibitions that had me mesmerised. The breadth of media and subject matter and pure quality was absolutely captivating. Sorry about the crummy iPhone photos, but have a scroll down.

Tiger Yaltangki, Desert Safari:


Louise Daniels, Alice Springs baseball grand final (acrylic on car bonnet!):


Matjangka Norris, Minyma Mamu Inma:


Colin Watson, Nyangatja Ngayulu. Ngayulu Colin-ny. This is me. I am Colin:

I am Colin

David Frank, Policeman Story:


Judy Long, Ngulu – Seed Story:


Vincent Namatjira, The Indulkana Tigers:


Billy Yunkurra Atkins, Animals at Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment):


Kaylene Whiskey, Closing Time at Mintabie:


Maybe you’re more of a 3D or sculpture kind of person.










What a wonderful, vibrant world! What’s not to like?


2 Responses to I don’t like Aboriginal art

  1. rebec says:

    Thanks for the pictures.
    You must be missing old Throsby: I’m looking at it through my front window , it’s looking good, the tide is low.There’s a large cluster of dog owners chatting over there and the dogs are having a lot of fun.
    Can’t see Jimbo, is he up there with you?
    He’ll be missing Throsby too, I imagine, but he’ll have lots of lovely new smells to get used to!

  2. Mark MacLean says:

    Got back this week, R. Jambo very pleased to be back in the drain!

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