Friday foto

I was about to post a different Friday Foto when – BANG! – along came this absolute corker from Ruth Cotton, which trumped everything.

LP' 147-177. Broadmeadow & Boreas Rds. Hamilton Nth, N'cle. 10.06.1950. N F Reed.

The photo is captioned “Broadmeadow & Boreas Rds, Hamilton Nth, N’cle, 10.06.1950”. It was taken just next to the Sunnyside Tavern by Noel Reed, who appears to be something of a legend in his recording of public transport in NSW.

A delightful reminder of how we like to install transport infrastructure then rip it out then install it again then …

5 Responses to Friday foto

  1. Craig Smith says:

    Great photo Mark – Ruth sent me a Noel Reed pic of Belford St Hamilton with the tram line, I merged it onto present day ( – when I’m back in Newcastle this week I’d love to have a go at merging this with present day, it’s a terrific pic.
    And, like you say, a delightful reminder of the ouroborus nature of city infrastructure 🙂

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Hi Craig

      Ruth sent me through your merge pic of Belford Street: it’s great, and apparently Noel was made up to see it. I took a few snaps of the “now” Sunnyside yesterday afternoon with the intention of doing a similar job; I’ll keep you in the loop if it happens.


  2. […] I wonder if this photo was taken on the same day as the photo of the tram featured in a previous Friday Foto? […]

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