First piece

I wondered a while back whether the Age of the Great Roll Up was over. Perhaps Twitter and Instagram have become easier ways of bombing the world; I mean, who could be arsed dragging 20-litre tins of paint, rollers, trays and industrial-strength scaffolding around the countryside these days?


GLS appeared in February, over the stretch of the banking that CUBE used to occupy (not sure how CUBE feels about that). Since then a few folk have made half-hearted attempts at new stuff, and a few have touched up their older works. Nice to see MESS back.


Ironlak cans continue to be a staple of the creek litter but I must admit to being rather disappointed with the works of the current generation. I’m no fan of the gormless tag but I can appreciate a bit of thought and effort. It’s just not happening. The huge POAS by the railway tracks is almost completely covered in the squirts and sprays of disrespectful underlings.


So I was kind of pleasantly surprised to see this on the eastern banking of the Styx. Sure it’s clumsy and lacking style, but at least BARON has a bit of chutzpah. And the “First piece” is a nice touch; a nod to the Elders of the Roll Up, an acknowledgement of his/her place in the hierarchy of painters.


I’ll likely be seeing you around, BARON. But do some work on your kerning.

2 Responses to First piece

  1. Vicki says:

    I like BARON’s work, very nice! I’ve partially restored POAS’s work on my back fence too and am hoping it does not get the grey paint treatment!

    • Mark MacLean says:

      I think it’s a fine piece of art conservation that you’re doing there, Vicki!

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