Deck the halls

I was chatting away with Old Mate the other evening about various stuff, including:

  1. The Ashes. Verdict: there’s too much cricket.
  2. The rugby league world cup. Verdict: Pff.
  3. Privacy and CCTV. Verdict: in the twenty-first century the concept of private space is a sham.

Young Mate ambled down the creek on his cycle at this point and we had a general discussion on foxes. It seems like the recent work on the gasworks site may not only have flushed the squatters and human residents but also the foxes, as Reynard and his friends had been seen in numbers around the place. The slashing of the grass had also resulted in a significant reduction in raptor numbers. If ever you needed a lesson on habitat destruction and its effect on the apex of the food pyramid then this was it.

But what was most important was the reappearance of Christmas baubles in the drain. Normally they don’t start appearing until January, when folk are pulling down the trees, packing up the decorations and somehow (inexplicably) dropping baubles into the major watercourses of Newcastle. So, with the festive season in mind, here’s a pictorial merry Yuletide from me, Jambo and the residents of Styx Creek to youse all.







Silver ball




Yo ho ho!

5 Responses to Deck the halls

  1. Christine Bruderlin says:

    I’ll feel really festive now.

  2. Ruth Cotton says:

    Is this climate change gone mad?

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Yes, Ruth. We can expect more frequent baubles, and they’ll be of a greater intensity!

  3. H-Foot says:

    Hi Mark,
    It’s me, H-Foot. I just noticed that a few people had commented on your posts that related to me and said I was interstate. This is not true – I still reside in Novocastria. However, the arms of H-Foot are long and I reach all corners of the country.
    If you’re interested in meeting up and seeing some of the spots that I explore, email the address I provided.
    Much respect,

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