One week till tweed time

Many of you will know of, or be followers of, Vicki’s Bicycles in Newcastle blog.  Vicki has organised (in conjunction with Newcastle Cycleways Movement) a Tweed Ride for Sunday, 28 July.


Can’t be bothered following the link? Well, a tweed ride is just an excuse to drag out your vintage bicycle, don your favourite deer-stalker hat and cape, and bicycle around the place looking sage and, well, tweedy. Here’s my steed, partially renovated (new bearings and cables, but derailleurs still out of synch) sporting a set of lairy bar grips.


I must admit I’ve neglected the old horse of late, preferring The Wife’s mountain bike. It’s sad, but once you’ve got used to fat tyres for kerb jumping and swanky disc brakes that actually work, it’s very hard to go back the old ways.

But back I shall go. See you Sunday!


6 Responses to One week till tweed time

  1. Vicki says:

    Mark, thank you for promoting the ride! We have to wear helmets unfortunately. See you next weekend in your tweeds.

  2. You just need a PeakOilCompany jacket!

  3. We might have sponsored. .. but their website is down!

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