Summery autumn

These Indian summer days just keep on rolling on. A huge buttery moon came up over the gasworks the other night as I was doing a blockie with Jambo.


Inside the gasworks the birds and the bees are taking full advantage of the extended warm period.


Perhaps the increased wildlife activity is linked, in part at least, to the repairs that Jemena have carried out to the perimeter fence. I was really pleased that they’d done this work – it’s a sign that they care and that the site’s on their radar – although I also know that (i) feral cats don’t even see chain-link fences, and (ii) as POAS illustrated to me one afternoon, young guys can unzip a section of fence in about ten seconds.


As I discovered when I came across these two scallies working their way up the tower. Well, one of them had bounded up like a mountain goat while the other had lost his nerve at the section where the steps are almost totally rusted through. I really don’t blame him, and told him so.


As I was toddling back up the drain ten minutes later he was still there, frozen against the setting sun, his mate chiding and encouraging and goading him. I wonder if he’s still there?


He’d better get on with it; this weather won’t last.

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