Feelin lazy

That’s me. This writing lark’s harder than it’s made out to be. Taking pictures on my iPhone is much easier. Take, for example, this dead bird covered in ants. It took me longer to type that sentence than it did to snap the picture. I need to change medium.


And this train? I’d need an entire post to bang on about it but with one depression of my thumb, one groovy, retro-sounding click of a “shutter”, and bazingah!


This intriguing sign deserves, at the very least, a David Malouf-style short story or novella. Is that “senior” in ranking, or “senior” in age. If it is targeting the wrinklies, then what kind of event might they be going to at Arena X, an event organised by Thor? Good God: it’s not Logan’s Run, is it?!


And as for this tanker … I feel that some punctuation is required. Is it an empty tanker, one void of gas, one that might be described as “gas-free”? Or is it a huge container of complimentary vaporised fuel, “gas: free”? Or an invitation to chatter about inconsequential topics: “gas free!”.


So many possibilities!

Lucky I’m lazy.


2 Responses to Feelin lazy

  1. Paul says:

    snrs… snorers? snorkellers? sunners?
    It could be anyone.

    • Mark MacLean says:

      It could be, but I doubt it is. I’ll stick with the Macquarie Dictionary‘s definition, which certainly ain’t “snorkellers”!

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