Upstream for a change

A friend was telling that the blog inspired him to take his dog for a walk in the creek. He set off from the football stadium and got as far as the gasworks but turned back as his dog wasn’t enjoying it much. (Yeah, right: it was the dog’s fault.)

I can see what he means, truth be told. I very rarely go upstream because that section of the creek is indeed pretty bleak. But this week I was alerted to the presence of an interesting mural buy Driver Dom, who told me that there was a neat painting on the toilet block on the oval behind McDonald’s.

Hey: s/he’s right!


It’s a very lovely representation, though the huge, mature trees are probably more wish fulfilment than reality.


Whatever, I like it. More please!


PS: A friend just sent me a link to the Wallis Album, held by the State Library of NSW. Beautiful, delicate drawings, including this one of Throsby Creek. The Styx must have looked pretty much the same back in the day. I wonder, if Wallis had been deported now, whether he’d be using aerosol cans instead of pencils and watercolours.


2 Responses to Upstream for a change

  1. Vicki says:

    Yet another mural with a bicycle in it! I love it!

    • Mark MacLean says:

      There’s a study in that: “what the bicycle represents in contemporary visual art”.

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