This creek is alarmed

Or perhaps it’s just alert. I’m not sure.


There’s always Stuff turning up in the creek. Sometimes you don’t see a certain kind of Stuff for ages and then it appears in batches: five nerf bullets, eleven syringes, two hockey balls, four footwears.


One Coke can. As if: one Coke can times ten thousand would be nearer. They’re clever buggers, those Coke people. I’ve been seeing these cans with people’s names on, and now they’ve got dates. I suppose it’s tied into some fiendishly brilliant marketing program that gets us all singing the songs of our youth and then thinking, “Mmm, hey, I feel like a Coke. Because Coke adds life!”


When I think of 1970 I think of football. It was the year of the great FA Cup final between Dave Sexton’s Chelsea and Don Revie’s Leeds United, a game that Chelsea won in a replay.

And then, of course, there was the Mexico World Cup. The World Cup was the launching pad for colour TV in the North of England as Redifusion, the company that rented them at the time, had an almost Coke-like advertising campaign that convinced everyone to get a colour telly so that we could really appreciate those lurid yellow Brazilian and ghastly orange Dutch football shirts. Unlike most people in our area, who sent their tellies back after England lost to West Germany in the semis [no YouTube link there; it’s still to painful], we hung on to ours.

Hey, West Germany. Now that dates me.

I came across this football the other day. It’s so bright it could almost have been part of the 1970 World Cup.



2 Responses to This creek is alarmed

  1. Mike W says:

    Hi Mark, I just found your blog and absolutely enjoy it (thanks to Sikamikanico for providing the link), you have a way of making detritus and trash look like gold and silver. I will look forward to reading more and following you. I have linked this on my own site.

    • Mark MacLean says:

      Hi Mike

      Thanks for the kind words; I’m off to Sikamikanico and your site now to check you all out!

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