What world day is it?

We recently celebrated World Left Handers Day on 13 August and tomorrow we have ITLAP, but today is World Water Monitoring Day. Which doesn’t sound very exciting at all. Regardless, my doughty assistant and I trooped off down the creek to monitor my bit and see what had changed.

Not much. Justin Bieber’s maths book was still there, having survived the recent flow-through via the Uber-Bieb’s mighty powers of awesomeness.

But the flow did bring me these two ping-pong balls. That’s how I found them, right next to each other, and I immediately thought of The Eyeballs in the Sky and the Pooliverse.

When I was a kid we used to get the (UK) Daily Mirror and the cartoons bit (I never heard this referred to as “the comics” till I got to Australia; comics were things like Beano (which I got) or Dandy (which my cousin got)) and … where was I? … yeah, so there was Andy Capp and his missus, Flo, and there was The Perishers, a kind of genteel Bash Street Kids with a kid called Wellington and his old English sheepdog, Boot. Every year Wellington and Boot would go to the seaside and Boot would peer into a rockpool where the crabs would scream at these two big round things frowning down at them and shriek:

Which is a long way to describe one micro-second of thoughtball.

Anyway, water monitoring continued on the reach of creek by the gasworks. Here, normal service was resumed in the form of the ongoing pollution of the Hamilton North water table by a roiling, frothy, oozy gunk.

But here’s something you don’t see very often: a miner bird fast asleep on the pavement. At least, I think it was asleep.

And here’s something else I haven’t seen for ages – or rather someone I haven’t seen for age – my friend Pip from Kangaroo Island. We did the walky loop and, being the good sport she is, she hammed it up for me by the pull shower.

Don’t forget: tomorrow – talk like a pirate. It’ll probably do more to change the world than any of my water monitoring.

2 Responses to What world day is it?

  1. Roberto says:

    Not so much a comment as a web link


    Article about reclaiming of drains etc., for recreation etc.,

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