Caged monster

Bumped into a couple coming out of the old admin building in the gasworks the other day. They looked like Arty Types and I said, “Have you been drawing in there?” or something similarly vacuous. They shook their heads and scuttled off. Maybe they thought I was The Man or something, which really does show a terrible ability to read people.*

The gasworks is private property, owned by Jemena, a Melbourne-based gas retailer. However, this doesn’t seem to stop people using the gasworks as an impromptu dog-walking park, graffiti venue, place to exercise your desire to trash some old-style industrial equipment, or birdwatching paradise.

Some of these people send me pictures. I’ve posted a few.

The metal stairway up the side of the gas tower is becoming increasingly rusted and dangerous, apparently.

It is not worth the climb to the top as the view isn’t that great.

The inside of the admin building (the newer one, not the nice old one on Clyde Street) is getting totally trashed. If you climb up the ladder and go into the roof space there’s a good chance you’ll fall through the gyprock, land on something sharp and die. So don’t do it.

The brick building nearer to Chatham Road is getting a good trashing too. It must have housed all the electrical control equipment once upon a time.

I haven’t boarded the Instagram bandwagon yet, but this is the view from the window using it, or some related fancy app. Nice, eh?

Caution should be exercised in the gasworks. At ELGAS, next door, they keep a steam-punk monster in a cage. Don’t be taken in by its cheery smile. It will eat you.

* Perhaps if we took Annabel Crabbe’s advice and wore civilian uniforms they’d have worked me out better.

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