Vale Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny was exhausted from a long weekend delivering eggs to the good children of Hamilton North. Fatigue leads to poor decision making, and taking a short cut through the gasworks was the last poor decision EB ever made. What’s that rapidly descending shadow in his peripheral vision? Is there time to make it to the lantana? No.

The moon is on the wane and so the tides have been a little lower. The creek fills fairly slowly on an incoming tide but when it turns the water fairly flies out. There are always things floating on the water but there’s also a whole load of stuff just below the surface, stuff that reminds me of the horrible bog that Frodo, Sam and Gollum had to cross the Dead Marshes with the faces of dead warriors staring up from the pools. Take this discarded teddy, for instance. Terrifying.

And this panda show bag.

And … what if?

What if what?

This last one really belongs in the “Where are they now?” category. I reckon the kid who paddled through this Depression-era slab of concrete would have 22 great-grandchildren by now. Hope you’re still around to enjoy them, whoever you are.

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