Dia Mundial del Agua

Or, if your first language is English, World Water Day.

Or, if you’re Polish, err … what it says here:

Today, 22 March, has been designated World Water Day by the United Nations. When I hear “International Year of Blah” or “World Blah Day” I tend to switch off. These things tend to smell of focus groups and ideas dreamed up in offices on the twenty-second floor of some glass-and-chrome office in Zurich or Baltimore.

However, here’s something to make you think: to produce 1 kilo of beef requires 15,000 litres of water. Blimey. I’ve got an 800 gallon rainwater tank in the backyard, which I think is equivalent to about 3,500 litres. So that’s four and a bit tanks for a couple of pounds of mince. (Sorry about the Imperial measures; old habits die hard. If someone has a baby and I’m told that it was 4 kilos at birth I’ve no idea whether that’s normal, close to death or monstrously overweight.)

I haven’t done anything to celebrate WWD at the moment. It was too drizzly and miserable this morning, and Jambo was too fixated with the bunnies in gasworks. (Question: how many litres of water does it take to make a bunny?) But the sun popped out briefly. I suppose I could always upload this pic to the official UN Flickr site. Or I could just  do what I should do: log out and get on with my day’s work.


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