Crook cormorant

Took Jambo to the gasworks on Saturday night. I walked down the western side of Styx Creek and completely failed to notice this cormorant (Phalocrocorax carbo) huddled in the outlet from the Chaucer Street drain.

The brown feathers tells me it’s an immature bird, or perhaps just a younger bird in non-breeding plumage. Though that’s kind of irrelevant: the thing to note was that this was a not-well bird. No bird would allow me to approach so closely if it wasn’t ailing in some way. I tried to work out if it had an injury to a wing or leg but nothing was apparent. Was the injury internal? Had it swallowed something objectionable from the water around the litter barrier by the TAFE?

It was still feisty enough to let me know when I’d gotten too close: hissing, arching its wings and fanning its tail feathers. But I wasn’t confident for its future.

What did I do? Perhaps I could have brought a blanket, wrapped it up and taken it to WIRES. People do that kind of thing. Not me. I left it there. Tomorrow it might be dead, or not.

I sound pretty dispassionate. A bit cool, unlikeable. What would you have done?

One Response to Crook cormorant

  1. car says:

    I would have done what I did today when Icame across an ailing cormorant. I called the wildlife rescue. Poor thing was obviously not doing well and in all good consience I couldn’t walk away and leave it there to suffer. I waited only about 30 minutes for them to arrive but i know Iwould have waited all day if need be.

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