You are not alone …

One of the very pleasant results of the article in The Herald is the number of comments and emails and photos that people have sent me. There really are lots of us out there in Newcastle’s creeks and drains: walking our dogs, riding our bikes, taking photographs, or just using the waterways as shortcuts between suburbs.

Newcastle’s got a growing blog scene and connecting with other creek-lovers is an example of how, when the technology works for the people, it can be fantastic. The blogs that I check out tend to be photographic, which is probably a result of the way social media’s developed. With tumblr and flickr and an iPhone it’s never been easier to get your work noticed, and some of the stuff out there is truly amazing. Check out showbag or Stewart – it’s all very professional. Others, like Neil (and Ruby the spaniel, below), simply have a smart phone and an eye for a good shot. Amazingly, we’ve never bumped into one another down the creek. Yet.

Neil montage

My photos just seem to be getting worse. I’ve never been one to blame my camera for my failings as a photographer but my cheapo phone really is on the way out. Look what it did to this pipe and the coal train!

Wobbly train

On an unrelated topic, this is the third condom I’ve found down the night-soil lane in the last few months. I know I’m nearly fifty and about to turn into a full-blown curmudgeon but I mean: come on! The night soil lane? On a Wednesday? When it’s raining? Get a room!

[Editor’s note: I had a picture of the condom but, Jesus, it looked seedy and horrible, all scrunched up on the wet bitumen, so I hit “delete”. Phew.]

One Response to You are not alone …

  1. neilkeene says:

    I’m sure we’ll meet some day Mark…if this rain stops!

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