L’addition, s’il vous plait

I’ve written before about the strange convergence of Stuff. You might go down the creek ten dozen times and not see a single baseball mitten and then find three of them (all left-handed, of course). Today’s mystery theme was: Footwear! First it was a sandal.

Black sandal

And then a shoe. (Bless you.)

Black shoe

I know that two isn’t exactly a Major Convergence but I hadn’t seen any footwear of any kind for at least a month. And here’s a thought: though there were two of them I wouldn’t call them “a pair” of odd shoes, because they didn’t match and so weren’t a pair. But if I’d found two odd socks I wouldn’t have any hesitation in calling them “a pair” of odd socks. Hmm.

Went into the patch of ground near the rail tracks. There’s lots of dead railway stuff here: stacks of rotting wooden sleepers, lengths of rail, pyramids of galvanised bolts.

Stack of sleeprs

Rail track 43

It started to rain just as the tide peaked and so I was stranded for a little while on the western banking. Jambo and I mosied around looking for rabbits but there wasn’t much doing. The rain got heavier, the grass was long and dense and by the time I got back into the creek I was wet.

My wet feet

We tramped back up the creek and then home, via the night-soil lane. Someone’s converted one of their garages into a lounge or TV room and I often hear the telly going when I walk past at this time in the evening. I think that they must be planning une vacance a la France because the closer I got the more I heard a voice repeating the phrase “L’addition s’il vous plait”, “L’addition, s’il vous plait”, and a low, barely audible muttered response. It was, as they say, un peu bizarre.

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