Pretty flowers

Everywhere there are flowers at the moment, though I don’t think that any of these are actually natives. Not even the yellow one, which isn’t strictly a flower. In fact I’ve no idea what it is. A choko?

Four flowers

The prettiest flower is this one. I think it’s a lily, though when I picked it up it was made out of plastic.

Plastic lily

The creek’s full of bright green ribbon weed. It’s not so thick around the brackish tidal water near the gasworks but, up near Hamilton North School towards Broadmeadow where the water’s less salty, it gets really thick. The ducks like to feed on it but they have to weigh up the benefits of getting the nice, fresh upstream weed against the danger of being so far away from open water. It looks like it should have some languid, red-haired Pre-Raphaelite sheila bobbing around in it.

ribbon weed

Instead, the only thing bobbing around was this number three. Anyone lost a number three?

Number Three


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