Final solution

The modern world, with Internet connections and search engines, means Never Having to Wonder. Ever Again. Not sure what those Jimi Hendrix lyrics are? Uncertain about those road directions? Need a list of celebrities who turn 50 in 2011?

I’ve been wondering about this sign on the back of the tankers that go in and out of the petrol depot for ages, and one considerately paused for me at the gates today as I cycled back from lunchtime aikido. It’s hard not to draw the wrong conclusion when you see the word “Heil” written in Teutonic lettering. Google, so useful when it comes to Hendrix lyrics and road directions, also provided 15 million hits when I typed in “Nazi conspiracy”.

Heil truck

Turns out there isn’t a cell of blue-eyed supremacists hiding in Hamilton North. (Well, there might be but they’re not driving petrol tankers.) Heil is in fact a company that specialises in sensitive freight; I found that out in this issue of Trailer magazine.

And, on the subject of hard-to-make-out lyrics, here’s a wonderful advert for Maxell cassette tapes (remember tapes?) from 1990. Yes, young folk, this is how tough we had it before we could downcast our podloads!

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