Jambo vs Godzilla

Sometimes Nature throws things or events into my life that run so contrary to the laws of Science that scientific explanation seems inadequate and I find myself questioning my otherwise secular worldview. I mean, the Big Bang theory. You are kidding. It requires such a massive suspension of disbelief and a preparedness to place your trust into the minds of a few people that I just can’t grant it without feeling a little foolish. Duped.

Patterns in Nature is one topic where Creationists and Evolutionists appear willing to offer a nod of recognition to the enemy. Similarly, things appear in the creek in patterns in a way that is beyond my ken. These patterns can probably be explained away with a bit of rational thought but when I’m walking along and I see one then two then three then fifteen Nerf bullets I have to stop and think: Hold on, something is happening here.

OK, cynics might say that a bunch of kids were firing Nerf guns at each other somewhere up the creek, so maybe that wasn’t the greatest example. But this week has been The Week of Toys. A toy rolling pin from a cookery set. A toy golf club (replica seven iron, I’d say). A toy drill. Among others.

Toy drill

There was one day where it was all bees. Plastic bees, toy bees, bee fridge magnets.


Then dinosaurs.


What is happening? Non-rational explanations gratefully accepted.

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