This is the time of year beloved by The Wife. She has a fetish for busted chairs. We have a shed full of Fifties bucket seats, Seventies cane chairs, various stools of indeterminate age and style. They all have one thing in common: they have been brought home in the back of the car during previous Council clean ups, and all they need is to be “fixed up”. Quite when this fixing up will take place, and who will do it, has yet to be determined.

I came across this billy cart and thought, “That won’t last”. By the time the shutter on my paparazzi-quality phone camera had clunked shut it was gone.

Billy cart

Here’s a selection of my favourites. Anyone want a keyboard?

Street collection junk

I watched the rugby final over at the Stag & Hunter. On the way back I came across this very inviting setting. Under the street light it looked rather like a cocktail lounge, though looking at it now it doesn’t look all that inviting after all. Perhaps it had something to do with where I’d been.

Junk sofa, night time

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