Telly tubbies

There’s a clear but unspoken etiquette around rubbish. Sometimes if I’m walking Jambo around the place and he does a poo then I do the right thing, pick it up in a plastic bag and then … and then … and then carry this bag of cooling dog crap around with me for the next half hour.

But if, say, I’m walking him around on bin night and there are rows and rows of rubbish bins waiting to be emptied, then wouldn’t it be sensible to put this bag of dog poo into some stranger’s wheelie bin? Really, it does make sense; it’s going to go to the tip one way or another. And yet I feel bad about doing it, and expect to have some angry householder come running down the street after me: “Oi! Take your dog’s crap and put it in your own goddam bin!”

We do get proprietorial about our bins and, when it comes to council collection time, about our bit of pavement. I’ve bristled when someone’s dumped their rubbish on my bit of pavement. Maybe they just had a bit too much and saw my bit of bare pavement and thought, well, he can handle a bit more. It’s no skin off his nose. But somehow, weirdly, it is.

There’s a council pick-up day fast approaching; you can tell, because people get twitchy and start dumping all kinds of things around the place. Here’s a neat row of tellies on Chatham Road that appeared on Sunday morning.


It was quite hard to photograph them, even on a Sunday, because of all the traffic. Which makes me wonder who put them there, so carefully and in such a neat row. For all the effort that they put into doing this they could just as easily have taken them to the Newcastle City Council’s recyclable collection place. Maybe there’s some other etiquette that I’m not aware of. If so, please explain.


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