Baird Street

Having lived in Hamilton North for a dozen+ years, I finally did something for the very first time today: I went down Baird Street. (Note: the sign isn’t wobbly like that in real life, it’s just some random effect that my incredibly rubbish camera phone introduced.)

Baird Street sign

Baird Street’s unlike any other street in Hamilton North. It’s not as cramped as, say, Bowser Street and Philips Street and the other blocks at the western end, up towards the Bowlo. (I was told that these places were built as soldier settler blocks in the days when Hamilton North was known as Newtown.) The houses on the northern side of the street have back yards that are completely exposed to anyone walking over Donald Street bridge; you can look down into them and see people barbecuing or kids bouncing on trampolines or just generally fossicking around.

There’s a strip of vegetation that conceals some of the houses from the bridge. I don’t know whether any of these householders consider it to be part of their land, and whether they plant and grow things there or not, but for several years there’s been a lovely crop of bananas that pop up around October/November. So if you’re struggling to meet your mortgage payments because of the price of bananas, do yourself a favour and take a trip down Baird Street. They’re green now, but they won’t be for long.


One Response to Baird Street

  1. Grant Traynor says:

    These little insights always make me smile Mark. I wish I had your eyes to view the world through!

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