No period of grace

Normally after a big rain and a flush there’s a period during which the creek stays relatively clean. Then the odd drink bottle appears, maybe a tennis ball, maybe a broken foam box. Not this time. Within a day there was litter, loads of it. There was the mundane, such as this low-grade trash:


To the moderately interesting, such as this cluster of tennis balls huddling around a much bigger chrome-plated metal ball (that I could not for the life of me imagine what it might be used for) …

Silver ball

to this grubby Barbie ball …

Barbie ball

Whatever happened to the period of grace? Surely people can’t throw out that much crap on a daily basis? Can they?

Oh, and by the way. Lucas Baite, whoever you are: if you’re looking for your nicely coloured soccer ball, it was last seen bobbing down the creek on its way to Tighes Hill TAFE, then Throsby Creek, then the harbour, then …

Lucas Baite's ball


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