Ups and downs

I sometimes wish that I had a better camera in my phone. There’s a terrible delay function that’s resulted in lots of missed opportunities – things moving or disappearing just as the “shutter” decides to click – and today was one of those days. As I was walking under the railway  bridge a clear plastic cup bobbed downstream, bucking and writhing in a peculiar way. As it came next to me I realised that there was a fish inside the cup, a quite large fish about eight inches long, perhaps a carp. It’d obviously swum into the cup, which would have been transparent, and found itself unable to reverse out. It was too far out and moving too quickly for me to rescue, and of course the camera function on my phone was completely out of its depth.

However, my mood was improved on the way back when I came across this lovely little pineapple. I might not be able to save Nature and the world, or do anything about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (see previous post) but I do now have fifty bucks to splash out on fast women and wild living.

Fifty dollar note

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