I wonder whether there was ever a moment when the Disney people thought they were being subversively humorous or ironic or just plain quirky when they licensed out the image of Winnie the Pooh to appear on the arse end of a disposable nappy.


I doubt it. Before it was tossed from the bridge and into the creek this one was rolled into a smooth, tight-skinned bundle about the size of a small rock melon, so it must’ve been packing a formidable stool. This Pooh looks quite cheerful though, given his rather unenviable task, so if he has a voice it would have to be that slightly creepy high-pitched Disney voice (the one originally done by Sterling Holloway) rather than the olde worlde Alan Bennett voice.

Anyway, same day, same bit of creek, a pigeon with no head. Nope. I couldn’t find a link either.

Dead pigeon


2 Responses to Pooh

  1. Maxamillion says:

    luv ya Hamilton North blog guv…..is there a tour company that may be interested in creek walks??

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