Cones and bongs

This traffic cone brought me up short, not because I was surprised to see it but because it’s the first one I’ve seen down the creek. I really would have thought the place would be swimming with them.

Traffic cone

The homemade bong was less of a surprise. The only thing that made it remotely unusual was its location: on the footpath outside Hamilton North Bowlo. It could be that that’s where the kids junked it after a session round by the old croquet lawn. But more likely it reflects the shifting demographics of the early twenty-first century. The crusty old gits having a roll up today are yesteryear’s beach-party bong monsters.


Though I suppose by the time you’re bowling you should be able to come up with something better than a Powerade bottle and a bit of hosepipe. This gas mask bong could work well with the over-50s (not viewed in Hamilton North Bowling Club, I should add!).

gas mask bong

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