Bacon egg bbq

Yum. Given the number of drink bottles I find in the creek (2.6 billion at last count) there are remarkably few food containers. What’s going on?

Bacon and egg bbq

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the last good flush and yet already the boom by the TAFE, under the Chinchen Street bridge, is clogging up with discarded Coke, water, Powerade and Fanta bottles.

TAFE litter boom

I was thinking about this the other day when I went to get a spark plug for the mower. In the Olden Days you went to a garage (or servo, or whatever you call them). This garage would have oil decanted into half-pint and pint bottles out the front, with plastic spouts fitted. Inside there would be a pin-hole wall with various fan belts, gasket sets and spark plugs, some of them with adverts as wildly saucy as this one.

spark plug ad

Not these days. I went to three different garages and each one was packed to the gills with sweets, crisps and drinks. I could have had 184 different kinds of Coke. But no spark plug.

What went wrong?

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