Red horn

This pic is screaming for a punning thread title along the lines of “Horn of a dilemma”, “Round the Horn”, “Here today horn tomorrow” etc. Screaming so desperately, in fact, that I refused to succumb; hence the quietly understated “Red horn”.

Red horn

Today there’s a forecast for snow showers in the upper Hunter above 1,400 metres and this morning had a cool stay-in-bedness about it that felt like the heart of winter. And yet all week I’ve been hearing figbirds in the figs that fringe the Richardson Park side of the creek and seeing the plants (I don’t know their name) that grow the huge three-cornered bindies that’ll be causing me to curse in a couple of months. I usually hear my first koel in the first week of September, which is – alarmingly –less than two weeks away. Then it’ll be the channel-billed cuckoos, then Christmas, then …

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